IT Ticketing System – Subtleties of Integration

How does a ticketing program work? What is special about setting up the app and integrating it with other programs? As a rule, a ticket system should only process messages that are sent to the service by customers, keep records of them, and monitor implementation of any changes. Although the number of features looks really impressive, the above functions are claimed by small businesses only. Large and medium-sized companies are placing greater demands on modern HelpDesk solutions, so developers are refining and modernizing the service.

Such programs are also in demand by companies operating in the field of IT services engaged in vendor and dealer technical support. On top of that, ticket software solutions are relevant for organizations that manage commercial activities and serve a variety of systems, equipment, and communications.

What Is Important in the Introduction of Such a System?

The introduction of ticket tracking systems will provide companies with a rise in the quality of customer service. This means that it will be easier for enterprises to combat their outflow, which is very important due to the growing competition in any area of ​​business.

“Must Have” Features of the System

When making a choice of the Help Desk program, you pay special attention to the following functions and features:

  • Omnicanality – A ticket system must receive and process customer requests from all popular channels of interaction. It is critical for modern companies to take into account client requests received not only by telephone but also by email, through social networks, self-service portal, and well-known instant messengers. In this case, the system is to immediately generate a ticket for the incoming request, indicating the purpose of the request.
  • Availability of self-service – Thanks to this feature, the client can independently create a ticket, monitor its execution and contact a specialist of the company which is actually responsible for its execution, if necessary.
  • Processing automation – All info submitted to the system should be collected, recorded and processed automatically in a single window of the operator. This ensures a quick and easy solution for customer inquiries. The app can also implement the function of group mailing to customers.
  • Control and evaluation of employees – The company management can keep records of the personal performance of each employee and evaluate the performance of the enterprise as a whole unit using the available analytical tools in the system.

Benefits of Using a Ticketing Solution

Before picking a system, make sure to read its technical documentation attentively, check its compatibility as well as integration specs. The solution should be easy to set up and integrate with the programs that are already in use, for example, Outlook or any other email agent.