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Customer support services have dramatically expanded their functional set through the introduction of new technologies and online interactive tools. As a result, everyone encountering any problems can submit an application on the website and get professional assistance in the shortest time possible.

However, the ticketing system of customer support services is not a one-step operation. It includes a lot of steps that are impossible to skip, such as:

  • registering an application;
  • sending emails to confirm its receipt;
  • assigning a specific employee to review a request;
  • analyzing and solving the problem;
  • updating current documentation;
  • sending email notifications.

Companies with large customer databases should use mobile ticketing systems to speed up and streamline the processes, increase the effectiveness of application resolution, boosting company profitability. In this post, we have collected a list of leading mobile ticketing systems that will help you improve the work of your customer support service.

#1 – osTicket

osTicket is the most popular open source ticketing system, available in two versions: downloadable and stationary server-based. The download version is free of charge; you need to place it on your server – and a solution is ready to be used. The stationary server-based version is a paid service; it is rather reliable and secure when it comes to cloud-based management tools.

#2 – HESK

HESK is free software for organizing support department and workflow outlining. Its functions include receiving requests, preparing attachments, using a spam filter, email notification service, an access restriction option, ready-made answers, options for report generation and rating calculation, etc.

#3 – Spiceworks

Spiceworks is a free software package for IT professionals and businesses. It contains many functions that simplify the work of IT specialists, for example, a network management service, software for organizing a support department, and automation of FAQ generation, etc.

#4 – OTRS

OTRS is free open source software for organizing a work of any department or team. Among its functions, you will find ticket sorting, request prioritization, time accounting, reporting, access control set up, etc. What is more, based on your business needs, you can expand the functionality.

#5 – Request Tracker

Request Tracker is a free, open source tracking system. It boasts of rich functionality, including a dashboard, interconnection schemes, an interface optimized for mobile devices, time management and reporting options, PGP support for email encryption, corporate and personal external design settings, etc. On top of that, the solution is easy to set up and configure with other programs.

#6 – Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the market leaders among ticketing software packages professionally build for any type of users. Its easy-to-use interface allows customers to submit applications in various ways (via the website or Facebook, by email or phone, etc.). Support representatives can view user profiles to find the best way of issue resolution; managers can get informative statistics and reports. The service is available for use on various mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.

#7 – Freshdesk

Freshdesk is one of the best premium software solutions for providing support services. In terms of its functionality and ease of operation, Freshdesk is not inferior to Zendesk. They both are easy to use and manage. Freshdesk allows your customers to apply for technical assistance without any extra effort and provides your support service with the tools you need to easily accomplish these tasks.

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