Additional Modules & Options for Setting up Ticket Systems

Processing and solving requests both internal and external is generally a fairly standard process regardless of the project and company specifics. In the process of task execution, it is necessary to distinguish the following steps:

  • Registration and classification of the issue;
  • Planning the work to be done and resources required for that;
  • Work execution;
  • Closing the ticket with possible confirmation and scoring of the work.

All these basic stages are by default set up in a big part of modern ticket systems. However, in addition to the “sample” process, there is the possibility of self-tuning unique requests for the service company routes/ workflows.

Time Tracking of Key Stages in Ticket Accounting Systems

It is important for any manager to control each stage of the process. That is why the ability to customize unique life cycles for each type of request complements is important for keeping track of the time it requires. This allows you to see, for example, the average “response time” for a specific type of request or its “approval time” in a particular application. All the data will be available to you in the ticket system. You can access it at any point in time.

Nowadays, ticket accounting systems record the time spent at each stage for each request execution; as a result, all the date will be reflected on a corresponding dashboard, with the level of operational reporting being specified there.

Automating the Accounting of Internal Requests

Many customers of ticket systems want to automate not only customer support processes but also the maintenance of internal requests with its help. In other words, they strive to work in the “single window” with absolute clearness of who does what. It is not a miracle any more; modern ticket systems support the workflow-based modules and allow for developing unique processes.

Business-Oriented Reports and Customization

The number of opportunities for customization of helpdesk software solutions increases with each new software version being launched. That is why it is possible to group all the reports on business types/ principles and make the work with the settings easier and more convenient!

Ticket System – Reports and Dashboards

With the modern ticket systems, automating the processes of service support has become even easier, more convenient and clearer. It makes the whole workflow simpler and easier for everyone. Try it to understand how to build a successful organization with well-thought-out processes and workflows!