The series of motu patlu games

Motu patlu games are series of some games involving the two main fictional characters motu and patlu. There isn`t only one game that is available to play. Owing to the popularity of the show, the makers decided to come up with a collection of games since it involving two main central characters motu and patlu. With scintillating graphics and good user interface, so far games have been received well by kids. Listing the name of games below:

  • Motu patlu king of king part 3-
  • Motu patlu part 2
  • Motu patlu part 1
  • Motu patlu ball and wall
  • Motu patlu rescue
  • Motu want samosa
  • Flying motu
  • Motu patlu selling samosa
  • Kill the zombies
  • Motu patlu multiplier
  • Motu patlu: chicken game
  • Motu patlu : hungry motu

So we see that the series of motu patlu games contain 12 different games each totally different from former. The games are sure to mesmerize kids since being stuck on one game would certainly not have withheld the interest and so the makers came up with different games. each game has a different objective like ”kill the zombies” has motu and patlu together gunning down zombies whereas “Motu Patlu rescue” has patlu coming to the resuce of motu after the former throws himself into a new problem. All these 12 games of the series are equally excellent in graphics and kids are surely going to love them.

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