Second story begins, New super Mario bros 2 multiplayer

As the first series of the Great super Mario game was released in 1985 and since then they left no stone unturned to make it big. They kept on releasing the series and till now it is the biggest selling game. Super Mario bros was the first 2D side- scrolling game to represent the main character Mario. Mario and his brother live in the mushroom kingdom where they tried to salvage princess Toadstool from the main enemy browser. It has eight different zones having four levels each. It has become best-selling video game because of its enormous success.

  • Modifications

The second release New super Mario bros 2 multiplayer came as a sequel to original super Mario bros in Japan. It had been released for several video game consoles like joystick and other devices so that more than one player can play.  Whenever a new version of any product is launched it is always a modified form. The super Mario bros2 came with the same theme, music and sound with some additional features like weather effects, new movements for the characters and some difficult and complex levels. All characters can jump, climb ladder or vines but each character has some special feature as Luigi could jump the highest, princess could jump the farthest and Toad could pick up the items easily. This new game also followed the same theme with eight worlds of four levels each. At initial stage this series was only released in Japan not outside. Further it was debuted out of Japan in 1993.

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