Introduction to the grandeur park residences

Some of the future residents in the grandeur park residences will be benefitting some of the important improvements to the public roads and transport, with some of the new MRT connection that cut down the journey times and the road improvement for reducing the traffic congestion or to improve the connectivity within or between the towns. The existing line in eastern region will be joining the three new MRT lines in future, downtown line, and eastern line, cross island line. Its green line will be upgraded in the year 2018 for allowing six trains after every ten minutes, instead of five presently.

The essence of the grandeur park residences in east

The eastern region where it is located enjoys the rich identity and heritage, from the storied change to food oasis of the Siglap building, the spaces and places which have the historical significance and holds the special meaning. Some of the amenities which strengthens the identity of east, including the town squares, the hawker center which encourages social interaction that is going to be implemented or rejuvenating the mature estate as the Tampines or Bedok. The residents across in eastern region can also look forward for the exciting new set of the commercial, social, and recreational or sports activities in rejuvenated Tampines or Bedok town center. Both the shopping malls proffer the wide range of the clothes, F & B outlet. Book your home today in the grandeur park residences, which is offering the range of best services and amenities to all.

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