Clash Royale- is it only for kids?

Formal age limitations

The only formal limitation for the clash royale hack is that the player must be at least 13 years old. That’s because the game contains war elements and some characters are being killed, although it’s not bloody and horrible, but still it’s not recommended for kids under 13.

Honest age limitations

To be honest, we all play games. During our entire life, there’s only one period, maybe from 18 years old to about 24, or 25 when we try to look older than we are and do very serious things, we think it’s shame to play games, we are not kids any more, we are grown up people and can do all the serious job. But before 18 and just after 25 we all are playing games. In the childhood that is our only job, so nothing to say about kids, they must play and they will play. Now to speak about people over 25. Why do we play games? And especially those small and simple games? As we grow up, we take some responsibilities, we have to work, to earn money, to do some things that we don’t especially love, but we are obliged. In addition to this, our world is not quite an ideal place, there’re so many wars, criminal, fear. All this is a stress of course. Maybe our boss is a mad person and we are full of stress and fears at our work, and I will not continue to list all those factors that stretch our nerves. One of the things that helps to calm down our nerves and make us smile and be happy are those small mobile games. That games should be easy, interesting, cute and they should provide fun.

Clash Royale – it’s a real fun, real adventure. I will even say that grown up people find it more interesting than kids, because kids are more exigent and demanding. They don’t just take fun of games but strive to something more in their fantasies. I honestly advise to all grown-up people:

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