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Military Schools Military Pay

Annual Military pay varies based on whether one serves as an officer, a warrant officer or an enlisted rank or whether you are on part time duty such as the navy reserve. A member of the navy reserve earns good pay for two days and month and two weeks a year service as well as any additional days he or she may choose to put in. Pay also increases for every two years of accumulated service and also for any specialty skills or assignments.

Military pay, other than base pay and allowances, has other elements such as retirement benefits, reserve and disability benefits. Personnel also become entitled to complete health care, and commissary and Navy exchange shopping. When doing a Job search, take into account that pay includes survivor benefits under the Uniformed Services Survivor benefits plan.

Doing a Job search, for military jobs will also reveal details about Military pay, such as the Thrift savings plan, which is federal government sponsored retirement saving and investment plan. A prior service enlisted personnel who wishes to be commissioned has the option of joining Officer Candidate School. The prior service personnel would require to have finished 60 semester hours from an accredited college prior to enrollment and apply for the program before their 29th birthday.

The airforce and the marines have several job descriptions in common such as missile system operators, navigators, pilots etc. Pilots operate weapons, deliver troops, cargo and bombs, also perform search and rescue missions. Navigators direct an assist pilots, conduct fuel consumption projections etc. Missile systems officers are responsible for directing and controlling missile crew and ballistic missile systems that are fired from underground silos, submarines and land-based launchers.

Other common positions between the airforce and marines fall under intelligence and law enforcement, including officers such as inspector generals who conduct investigations into fraud, waste and abuse of resources, intelligence officers who gather information critical to national security and defense and help plan military missions and direct sea, ground and human surveillance. Lawyers also find their place in the military. They conduct research, prosecute and defend matters and they also represent the military in international legal matters

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